Meet the Founder

Hi, my name is Vanessa Raming, and I am the founder of San Diego Restorative Massage specializing in massage for ages 55 and up. Being able to help you feel and move better with less pain, improved range of motion, and to be at your peak throughout your golden years is my passion!

I had a very close relationship with my great-grandmother and understand the struggles that arise as I spent time with her and witnessed her aging process. As a massage therapist, I know that regular massage can minimize those struggles. I am very confident working with seniors and elders, and I understand what helps you to be more comfortable as you age.

I obtained my massage education at the International Professional School of Body (IPSB) in San Diego, where I attended from 2001-2014. At IPSB I received an associate degree in holistic health in 2006. I am a California Certified Massage Therapist as well as an American Massage Therapy Association member.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching the sunset, taking road trips, and spending time with my children and pets.

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